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FALX LTD. Metal Roofing offers unbeatable prices for the new metal roofing tiles and accessories. We guarantee you best deal in Canada, no hidden costs! Contact us to discuss your project.

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We know metal roofing and our technique of work is accurate and prompt. Full cooperation with customer and guaranteed completion by regional standards.

Lifetime - 50 years

The top-quality metal roofing systems carry a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty and can last longer than that.┬áMetal roofs are extremely durable and stand up well to precipitation, UV rays and weather.

50 year warranty


Unbeatable Pricing


Fast Turnaround

50 years

Lifetime Warranty

We install metal roofs not in Toronto only, we install it over the Canada

Planing to change your roof? Metal is best solution for you.

METAL ROOFING – a long-awaited material that has been tested by time in world markets. Choosing a roof is just the first step for a reliable protection of your house. The quality of installation is the basis and guarantee of its reliability. FALX LTD. Metal Roofing is the choice of our company and the best solution for your house.

Trusted Roofing Company

  • 5 million liability insurance
  • All our teams have extensive training and minimum of one year experience
  • All installers are WSIB covered with working and heights certification
  • We take pride in our work building efficient and beautiful metal roof systems

European Design, Ceramic Slate Look

After a widespread success and popularity in Europe, the demand for metal roofing continues to grow in Canada. Metal roofing provides a timeless ceramic slate design while making your home more energy efficient. You will benefit from quality as well as long term cost savings and return on investment.

Why Metal Roof


Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing offers 30%-35% savings to cool and heat your homes. Metal roofs are known to reflect solar radiant heat, metal roofing has proven to reduce cooling costs during hot summer days.

Metal roofs also offer a thermoeffect during the heating season. Having a much stronger insulation barrier homes with metal roof maintain heat more efficiently and require less efforts to heat during winter seasons.


Time Serving, Guaranteed Durability

Metal roofs once installed properly last anywhere from 40 to 70 years with inclusion on the material chosen.

Good grade metal roofs sustain strong winds of up to 140 miles per hour. Regardless of its light weight. Metal roof does not corrode or crack under heavy snow pressure given its consistent lay-out.

Regular shingles can be replaced after a period of 7-10 years depending on the sun and winds exposure.


Fire Resistance

Many do not consider the fire safety of their roofs when choosing asphalt shingles, which often ignite during hot summer days due to accumulated waste in the rain gutters.

Metal roofs do not spark, ignite, or conduct electricity during heavy rain storms with lightning.



Metal roofs consist of 25% to 95% recycled materials relevant to the metal grade selected. In addition, metal is known to be 100% recyclable once the roof term is served.

Metal roofing can be installed right on the old asphalt shields saving homeowners on utilization costs of the waste material.

Regular shingles can be replaced after a period of 7-10 years depending on the sun and winds exposure.

Toronto Houses After Metal Roofing Installation

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5-year Financing Available

Our Financing Program supported by Home Trust Company. This program will help reduce expenses of metal roof installations for home owners. FALX LTD. and it’s financing partners introduces up to 5 years financing for home owners.

What Customers Say

  • Although our roof was replaced 8 years ago, we had developed a leak in our kitchen ceiling. Metal roof was recommended by my co-worker. We did some research and found FALX Metal Roofing. They responded very quickly and came for an estimate. I expected it to be very expensive and was really surprised that the final quote was fair and comparable with the shingles pricing. The whole process from initial appointment to the project completion went nice and smooth. All the necessary work was completed promptly and carefully. We would recommend FALX Metal Roofing.

    Terry, Richmond Hill
  • Our new metal roof from FALX Metal Roofing looks awesome! No more roofing troubles! It already helped to decrease our heating expenses. We are very happy with the service we received. Everything was right on schedule and very well organized from the appointment to the project completion. The team was very customer friendly and installation went smoothly. We don't have even minor complaints. Strictly recommended!!!

    D. Rozenberg, Hamilton
  • It is well done, no disturbance, and no debris left. I have solar panels on my roof, it was a big job to disconnected, put down, and after putting the roof putting them up and reconnect them. They did this hole job safely and correctly. If you are thinking to change your roof, I recommend putting metal roof and get done by FALX Construction. Specially if you have solar panels call FALX Metal Roofing because they have good arrangement and better price for this.

    Lin, Markham
  • The best team in my area, very happy with all work quality they did, also how fast it done. Thanks a lot. You are the BEST!!!

    Pavel, Toronto

Metal Roof Contractors Service Areas

  • Metal Roof Installation in Mississauga
  • Metal Roof Installation in Toronto
  • Metal Roof Installation in Ajax
  • Metal Roof Installation in Vaughan
  • Metal Roof Installation in Richmond Hill
  • Metal Roof Installation in Aurora
  • Metal Roof Installation in Newmarket
  • Metal Roof Installation in Keswick
  • Metal Roof Installation in Hamilton
  • Metal Roof Installation in London
  • Metal Roof Installation in Markham
  • Metal Roof Installation in Guelph

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