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Experience FALX LTD. Metal Roofing Difference

FALX LTD. delivers quality, fairness and competitive offers for roofing your home or a business property. We will provide you with the best roofing price, peace of mind, and industry leading warranties.


Licensed / Insured

We are properly licensed and insured to work with your home or building.

Experienced Craftsman

Our team takes pride in their work and it shows in the quality of our finished product.

Property Protection

We take extra precautions to prevent damage or inconveniences to your home or lifestyle.

Rave Reviews

We are a top rated local company with a track record of customer happiness and satisfaction.


FALX – The Art of Roofing

We provide services in all regions of the country and utilize the modern roofing technologies. Our employees are equipped with the highest quality tools. Supervision of going through official channels to obtain permit to work. Service and managerial support at all stages with fool cooperation.

Safety – Top Priority

FALX Metal Roofing believes in the quality of work as much as in the quality of the product. Our workers safety is FALX Metal Roofing priority as it reflects on the results we deliver to our customers.

Setting the bar higher than what Provincial and Federal regulatory bodies have set forward is what makes FALX Metal Roofing stands out from our competitors. FALX Metal Roofing is in compliance with WHMIS and ensures all of our installers complete and maintain the highest training & qualification within WSIB, along with Fall Arrest, First Aid, as well as Emergency Response educational courses.

As an employer FALX Metal Roofing takes the responsibilities of all procedures considering environmental well-being in compliance with the Ontario Safety Act & Regulating bodies to deliver eco-friendly solutions with all metal roofing installations.

To cooperate with Occupational Health and Safety Act FALX Metal Roofing offers regular in-house training with the certified Health and Safety officers to deliver every precautionary step in anticipation to protect our team and our customers exceeding the best practices.

FALX – Your Reliable Roof

We guarantee the quality of your roof!

Metal roofing manufacturing and installation is our specialty in providing roofing solutions with strong partnership on the European Market.

FALX Metal Roofing knows metal roofing for over a decade operating all over Canada. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best roofing solution. Metal roofing is the only right choice homeowners should make when it’s about the new roof or replacement their asphalt shingles.

Our supplier is a well-known manufacturer with over 20 years experience on the European market. It has direct partnership with leading European companies in steel and chemical industries.

Best Pricing and Fast Turnaround

FALX Metal Roofing offers introductory prices for the new metal roofing tiles and accessories. These prices apply for a limited period.

Our customers always get best possible prices from manufacturers as we do not work through commission-based sales people. FALX Metal Roofing always contacts customers directly to present and explain all products properties and to suggest perfect roofing solutions for every homeowner.

Service department is totally committed to our customers. Our service specialists are ready to help you any time at no cost for you during warranty period. As a customer-oriented company, FALX Metal Roofing together with partners developed a special financing program to give our customers more options to pay for the roofing. FALX Metal Roofing stands behind the Quality and Service of all Metal Roofing Grades and Options we offer. We understand investment quality firsthand and strive to offer top quality choices on the market from the type of metal grade to the final coatings that will be applied.

Bad and Good Metal Roof Installation

See the Difference 

Metal Roof Done by FALX Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Done by Other Company

Choosing FALX Metal Roofing means getting a well-trusted service professional to take care of your housing needs with care, liability, and trust towards one of the biggest investments for your home – your roof. Our great warranties mean excellent durability and service. Find out how a metal roof for your home, or a durable flat roof for any commercial building can take the worry out of re-roofing.

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