Metal Roof Accessories

Color-coated corrugated metal roofing sheets


Metal roofing accessories are available in a choice of matching colours. Each is coated with extra durable high-build polyester paint for an attractive, elegant and long-lasting finish. Alternatively system parts are available in plain galvanised or for that totally individual look. We use self sealing neophene screws.


Why Metal Roof

The metal roof is better than asphalt shingles!

Metal roofing requires zero maintenance and offers long lasting durability. You will benefit from quality as well as long term cost savings and return of investment.

Metal roofs are one of the greenest roofing advantages is their recyclability. Asphalt shingles generate an astounding amount of landfill waste each year, estimated at over 6.8 million tons, or 3% of all municipal solid waste. Their production also requires oil refining by-products such as asphalt which have continued to escalate in price. Conversely, metal roofs are 100% recyclable and are typically produced with a minimum of 20% recycled content. This allows metal roofs to meet industry recognized green building definitions.

Comparing costs side by side for metal roofing and composite shingles, any homeowner would ask why would I spend thousands of dollars more on a corrugated metal roof for that matter?

The short answer is that a metal panel roof will provide you with superior durability and weather protection; the kind that even the best, most expensive asphalt shingles are simply not designed to deliver.

So if you live in an area that gets severe weather, snow, ice dams, hail, hurricanes, etc investing into metal roofing is simply the smartest way to protect your house from disaster. While you may need to spend a few more thousand dollars on metal compared to asphalt, you will enjoy a leak-free, maintenance free service. Homeowners whose asphalt roofs fail on them, spend significantly more to repair extensive interior damages compared to the cost of metal roofing.

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Best roofing for residential, commercial, agricultural buildings.

As you can see, the advantages of metal roofing allow it to occupy one of the leading positions in the market of roofing materials. Every house needs a covering, and this roof accessory is the most common material in low-rise buildings, both in the private sector and in industrial facilities. It has a number of advantages, and among the main ones are speed of installation, low price of metal tiles, attractive appearance, and reliable protection from external factors of nature.

An additional plus is also a wide selection of forms, which includes models with different wave heights. To reduce the amount of waste on roofs of a complex configuration, modular options with a hidden fastening system have been developed.

  • We always have materials in stock, which allows us to deliver the necessary material in the shortest possible time;
  • We provide consultations and select material for your orders;
  • We provide licensed construction and installation services with a multi-year warranty.
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