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Metal roofing is in high demand in Canada today

Traditionally, metal roofing is considered one of the most reliable and durable roofs. It appeared only 30 years ago and has all the advantages of a metal roof. At the same time, such a roof looks more expressive compared to other metal roofs, be it rebate or corrugated board. It is a versatile roofing material that can be easily installed on surfaces and structures of any type of building. There is only one limitation from a technological point of view – the slope angle of the roof slope made of metal tiles should be more than 14 degrees.

Metal roofing components

Any roof consists of more than just the top roof covering. A modern roof made of metal tiles is a whole complex of roofing materials (roofing pie) and component planks, which play an important role in the reliability, strength and durability of the roof. Each element has its own purpose and technological place during installation. Without metal additional elements, it is impossible to ensure complete installation and achieve high-quality performance characteristics of the roof. All component parts for roofing from metal tiles are made of metal of the same thickness, type of coating and color as the sheets of metal tiles. The standard length of all planks is 2 m, they are mounted on the roof, taking into account the overlap.

Free Estimate for Metal Roof

Our experts will make a complete FREE calculation of the roof made of metal tiles: it will contain the price per m2 of the top covering, all components, insulation, spotlights and gutters for your roof, send us an “Free Estimate“. All calculations are performed in a specialized calculation program and are based on the roof installation technology recommended by the manufacturers. Sales department managers will help you choose the most suitable type of profile, coating and color, depending on its consumer qualities and cost.

The engineers of the construction department will give technical advice on the installation of a specific type or project of the roof. More complete information on the cost of work can be found on the page “Products“.

Serving Brampton Residences

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Brampton residents enjoy a high quality lifestyle. It combines big city conveniences with traditional quality of life. It is the first city in the GTA and one of only 10 in North America to be designated an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization in 2007.

The steps of metal roofing process with FALX

  • Contact FALX

    Give us a call at 1 (905) 276-4444 and we will explain metal roofing materials, terms and warranties. You can book the visit to our showroom.

  • Estimate

    FALX uses aerial software to see the shape and measure the actual size. Our estimator comes to your location to evaluate a roof conditions and give you an estimate.

  • Contract

    After signing up the contract we will take small initial deposit and schedule the date of installation. In a high season, the waiting time may apply

  • Installation

    We come to site and do the installation. After it's done we clean up the place and give the warranty signed.

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