Metal Roofing FAQ

The most common questions and answers

What are advantages of metal roofing?

Main advantages are:

  • Residential metal roofing – metal is durable, when installed properly, a metal roof will outlast most other materials in the home.
  • Long term warranties – many manufacturers warranty their metal roofing for up to 50 years. That compares favorable to asphalt shingles, which may need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.
  • Lower energy bills – metal reflects heat from the sun helping your roof and home stay cooler during summer and better isolate home during winter, using 30-40% less energy to heat your home.
  • Non-combustible and fire resistant – residential metal roofing has a Class A fire rating, which means it receives the designation of “most resistant” to fires.
  • Lightweight roof material – metal can withstand extremely high winds and climate changes.
  • Will not rust or fade in color – steel roofing panels are protected by layers of metallic and polymer coatings. Industry studies have repeatedly shown them to outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated metals.
  • No removal of old shingle roofing – installing the metal roof over existing asphalt, fiberglass or composition shingles (maximum of two layers thick). In most situations, the metal roof can be installed directly over the old roof.
How long do metal roofs last?

A properly installed metal roof will last you a lifetime. The top-quality metal roofing systems carry a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty and can last longer than that. Metal roofs are extremely durable and stand up well to precipitation, UV rays and weather. Superior technology finishes provide long term protection against peeling, blistering and curling. There is an option of restoring and re-coating the finish in 40- or 50-years time in order to extend the longevity of the metal roof.

Is metal roofing noisy during rain and hail storms?

Installed correctly using the proper sheathing, a metal roof is as quiet or quieter than other types of roofing materials. This is due to the fact that metal roofs float over the roofing deck creating an air space between the metal roof and the roofing deck. This extra space creates a sound barrier. The underlay coating provides additional noise reduction properties.

How does metal roofing stand up to extreme weather?

Metal roofing systems are built to withstand a variety of extreme weather conditions. Most metal roofs are rated to withstand 140 mph winds. Metal also sheds snow better than asphalt shingles, so it helps prevent excessive stress on your roof structure and reduces the risk of ice damming. Metal roofs also protect against burning embers in the event of a house fire or wildfire.

How much does metal roof cost compared to asphalt?

The upfront cost of metal roof is slightly higher than that of an asphalt shingle roof. However, metal roof is a long time investment as it will outlast several asphalt roofs. That is why metal roofs will always cost less in the long run since the home owner will save the additional costs of replacing several asphalt roofs. Energy efficiency and cost savings are also very important factors to be considered for the comparison.

How often do metal roofs need to be replaced compared to asphalt shingles?

Traditional asphalt shingle roofs typically need to be replaced or repaired every 10 to 15 years. Metal roofing can last at least three times longer. The increased durability of a metal roof makes it a more cost-effective choice over the long term, although asphalt shingles carry a much more affordable upfront cost.

Can metal roof be installed over my existing roof?

Because of its lightweight properties, metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof. However, many roofing companies prefer to tear off the old roofing material to ensure the proper sheathing and insulation is installed. This helps optimize the performance of the new metal roof, and it can help extend its lifespan.

Is metal roof safe in storm or when is lightning?

The likelihood of lightning striking your home will not increase because your house is covered by a metal roof. In fact, if your home were hit by lightning, your metal roof would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Metal roofing is not flammable or combustible. Metal roofing is considered to be a desirable, low risk roofing option for areas with severe weather conditions including lightning.

Is a metal roof damaged by hail?

Metal roofs are highly resistant to hail damage. In fact, metal roofs are much more hail resistant than asphalt/fiberglass shingles. Some insurance companies might offer reduced rates for houses with metal roofs.

Are metal roofs hot?

Metal roofs reflect 70 percent of the sun’s rays, on average. This helps keep your home cooler in the summer. Studies have proved that houses with metal roofs experience 35 percent less heat gain compared to homes with asphalt shingles. This can help reduce costly energy bills.

Does metal roof rust?

Metal roofing systems typically have a special protective coating that protects it from rust. The paint used on metal roofing products are also designed to last long and prevent rust. Please check the warranty of the metal roofing panels to make sure rust is covered as part of the warranty.

Does metal roofing corrode?

Metal roofing products are coated with protective paints and enamels designed to prevent corrosion; however, corrosion is still possible without proper maintenance. Certain chemicals – fertilizers, animal waste, acid rain – can damage metal roofing over time. Pine needles left to decompose on a metal roof can also lead to corrosion due to its acidic properties. Luckily, it’s easy to maintain a metal roof – simply spray it down with fresh water using a garden hose or low-pressure power washer to remove harmful chemicals.

What type of metal is used to manufacturer metal roofing?

Various metals are used in manufacturing metal roofing systems and a combination of metals may also be used in some cases. The most common metals include aluminum, steel and copper.

Which roof is better – steel or aluminum?

Steel and aluminum both perform well as a roofing material. However, an important determining factor is how close you live to the lake, river or ocean. Aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion caused by seawater.

How does the weight of a metal roof compare to other roofing systems?

Metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight. On average, a metal roof is 50 percent lighter than a traditional shingle roof and 75 percent lighter than concrete or slate tile roofing. The lighter weight material puts less strain on the roofing structure.

Can I walk on the metal roof?

You can safely walk on any metal roof without damaging it. Before you walk your roof, however, we recommend you talk to your installer or us first. Based on the style and the pitch of the roof, the appropriate details on how to walk on the metal roof will be provided by our experts.

Is metal roofing an eco-friendly choice?

Most metal roofing products are made from recycled metals, such as aluminum and steel. Additionally, metal roofs are energy efficient since metal is effective at deflecting the sun’s rays. Less heat generated means lower energy bills for you. Since metal roofs typically last 50 or more years when installed correctly, it helps reduce the amount of materials used in the long term.

Metal VS Asphalt Roofing

Average Life Expectancy


Energy Efficiency

Metal Roof is Energy Star Rated

Saving up to 25% in home cooling cost


Metal roof is made up of a minimum of 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable

13 billion lbs of asphalt roofing fill landfills annually

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Today we refute the myth of heavy and long-term work on your roof. Speed and mobility our strong points.

Metal roof is beyond competition when it comes to: Moist, Snow, & Sun Resistance. Once installed metal roof serves as a great shield against moisture, sun damage, and corrosion while asphalt shingles require replacement and maintenance.

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