Metal Roof Products

Color-coated corrugated metal roofing sheets


  • Durable and trouble-free material
  • Up to 50 years warranty
  • Lower energy bills for heating and cooling
  • Withstands snow, frost, heat, strong winds and heavy rains
  • Non-combustible and fire resistant
  • No rust or colour fade for decades
  • Light weighted, easy to install sheets
  • Can be installed over existing shingles
moisture resistant

RESISTS: heavy rains, snow, frost, heat, strong winds. Product rated “A” for Fire Protection, have been tested at wind speeds over 200 mph, and can stand hurricane force winds.

arcelosmital warranty

Colours of Metal Roofing

We offer metal tiles with a special polymer coating (matte polyester). Metal Tile “Atlanta”, Germany / Belgium 0,5mm.


Product Coating

Metal tile Monterey Atlanta, Germany / Belgium 0,5mm matte is very convenient in operation and at installation. Roofing sheet material made of rated steel, with a special polymer coating (polyester, matte polyester) and shape that does an impression of a classic tile. The metal tile “Atlanta” has such advantages as lightness, high strength, durability, attractive appearance and, of course, the price. The metal tile is made of the estimated steel with a polymeric covering on production capacities of the European concern with a world name.

coating metal

The metal coating is completely adapted to Canadian climate conditions.


metal tile roofing size

Our steel is pressed into modular panels through a roll forming process, not the stamping process.

The sheet metal tiles provide up to 10% more coverage than the equivalent covering solutions traditionally used. The overall single sheet width is a staggering 47″.

Plate thickness 0.5mm
Amount of zinc (Zn) 275g/m2
Polyester coatings 35 microns thick
Plate length 88″
Plate width 47″
Wave height 1″
Wave length 13 3/4″
Color spectrum according to the color map RAL
Country manufacturer Germany/Belgium (Arcelor Mittal)

Why Metal Roof

The metal roof is better than asphalt shingles!

Metal roofing requires zero maintenance and offers long lasting durability. You will benefit from quality as well as long term cost savings and return of investment.

Metal roofs are one of the greenest roofing advantages is their recyclability. Asphalt shingles generate an astounding amount of landfill waste each year, estimated at over 6.8 million tons, or 3% of all municipal solid waste. Their production also requires oil refining by-products such as asphalt which have continued to escalate in price. Conversely, metal roofs are 100% recyclable and are typically produced with a minimum of 20% recycled content. This allows metal roofs to meet industry recognized green building definitions.

Comparing costs side by side for metal roofing and composite shingles, any homeowner would ask why would I spend thousands of dollars more on a corrugated metal roof for that matter?

The short answer is that a metal panel roof will provide you with superior durability and weather protection; the kind that even the best, most expensive asphalt shingles are simply not designed to deliver.

So if you live in an area that gets severe weather, snow, ice dams, hail, hurricanes, etc investing into metal roofing is simply the smartest way to protect your house from disaster. While you may need to spend a few more thousand dollars on metal compared to asphalt, you will enjoy a leak-free, maintenance free service. Homeowners whose asphalt roofs fail on them, spend significantly more to repair extensive interior damages compared to the cost of metal roofing.

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Best roofing for residential, commercial, agricultural buildings.

FALX metal roofing is the best company for you. One of our most important criteria is price/quality, which is why metal tiles are so popular, despite the fact that this material appeared relatively recently. Due to the special technology, the final product can have any shades, which, in turn, depends on the type of polymer coating of the steel sheet.

There are no restrictions on the upper limit of the slope angle (while the slate is 65 degrees). At the same time, the lower limit of the slope angle is 14 degrees (for comparison, in slate it’s 15).

Using a reliable waterproofing membrane is a guarantee that the roof will function correctly. This especially applies to houses with a residential attic floor. It is mounted directly on the roof rafters.

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